Loved Clothes Last


Caring for your clothes properly is just about the best way to make your wardrobe a little bit greener. The laundering of clothes counts for approximately a quarter of their carbon footprint. We're going to walk you through the best way to look after your garment, to keep it beautiful, save you money and save the planet. 

All of our garments come with a care package, so if you've bought a piece then just follow the instructions on that and you'll be good to go! Each package contains a little yarn for mending and some instructions on how to look after your garment.



Number one on the list is washing your clothes on a cool cycle. It used to be that non-bio washing powders would only work at warmer temperatures, so it was necessary to wash a bit warmer. However nowadays we've made leaps and bounds in producing non-bio detergents that work just as effectively at 30°C. Of course as well as saving energy (and money) through not over heating the water, you're so much less likely to shrink any woollen jumpers! The other thing to keep in mind to avoid shrinking, is to select a slow spin speed, 600 or less.


Tumble dry

Once your wash is over, its time to dry. We only have one rule for our clothes and that is: never, ever tumble dry. Tumble drying is hugely energy intense and also really bad for delicate clothes. Hang your clothes on an airer and let nature do the work, the best bit? It's free.



Hopefully it never happens,but every now and again, a favourite piece gets damaged. Whilst a a lot of the time on knitted garments its possible to mend invisibly, on most other pieces, it isn't. However this doesn't mean that your item of clothing is destined for the bin! Visible mending is seeing a huge resurgence. Putting on some elbow pads, sewing on a patch or our personal favourite, embroidering, is a great way to extend the life of your clothing and create something a little bit more unique.


We love seeing people's loved clothes. The image for this post is one of our own embroideries. Why not tag us on instagram using @lana.brighton to show us your best visible mends? We'll feature the best ones to share the inspiration!