Fast Fashion? Bespoke is Better

Lana was born from a desire to make beautiful, sustainable fashion. Currently the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, save only for gas and oil. We feel like it's a huge shame that an industry with so many brilliant and creative brains, sometimes seems to turn a blind eye to the devastation that it's causing. For the next couple of months, we'll be sharing a weekly blog post on simple ways that you can make your wardrobe a little more 'green'.


looking backwards

So, week one! If we look back only 70 years, fast fashion was a concept hardly heard of. Before the 60's people bought clothes based largely on quality and function. What can I afford, will it last, keep me warm, keep me cool, do I like the colour? If it ticked the boxes, then it might be a wardrobe staple for the next decade! However, as industrialisation grew and factories were able to produce clothing much more cheaply, people began to shop according to trends. A spring/summer and autumn/winter wardrobe overhaul became much more commonplace. 


how many is too many?

Whilst a twice yearly collection is a pretty sensible idea, it's just not the case any more. Most fashion houses put on at least 4 shows a year, whilst most huge high street brands design 52 'micro collections' each year. Zara admits to having new stock 'drops' twice a week. We're being made to feel behind the trend after just a week of buying a new garment. As well as being ridiculous, it's totally unsustainable. 



This buy it, wear it, throw it away mentality is a huge part of the industry's problem. Synthetic materials can be produced very cheaply, so they tend to make up the bulk of the fast fashion problem. Unfortunately these materials don't decompose easily. In the optimum conditions, polyester takes 20 years to decompose, in less than ideal conditions? Up to 200. That means that the cute top you bought because it was cheap, wore once because it didn't fit right and then put in the bin, could sit in landfill for more than twice your lifespan. 

That's part of the reason we design and make all of our clothes with completely natural materials. Wool decomposes completely in just 1-5 years and because it's a pure fibre (we make all of our seams in lambswool too!), it can be recycled again and again before it's time to throw it out. 


buck the trend

Designing classic, beautiful staples is the best way to reverse the damage being done by fast fashion. That's why our bespoke pieces are costed exactly the same as our ready to wear collection; we want people to have clothes that they can fall in love with. It's no secret that loved clothes last longer (we make sure of it! All of our garments come with spare yarn and a lifetime mending service). 


buy bespoke

As well as being made to last, they are totally unique. We won't ever replicate a bespoke garment for anybody else. So you can rest assured that your garment is yours only. Whether you have a threadbare jumper that just can't be patched up any more, that you'd like us to recreate for you, or an idea for something weird and wonderful, we'll always do our best to make your dreams come to life.

Investing in a bespoke piece is a brilliant way of treating yourself, without harming the planet. Totally guilt free shopping. 

Oh and did we mention they make great gifts? We can guarantee that 'the man who has everything' doesn't have a scarf with a secret message embroidered onto it, in a colourway that matches his favourite work of art ... we'll let you have that idea on the house.