Brighton Fashion Revolution Week, The Journey of a Beanie

It's the final week of April, which means the start of Fashion Revolution Week and we couldn't be more excited! Revival Collective are organising a Brighton based plethora of events with sustainable fashion at their core. As a little nod to the work they're doing, we thought we'd talk a bit about where our clothes come from.

With consumers becoming more clued up about issues like ethics and sustainability in the fashion world, there's a growing demand for supply chains to become more transparent. As a small company, it's easy for us, however most big fashion retailers have hidden their factories and suppliers for a long time now. With this new way of thinking has com a wave of technology to try to address the problem. A new company called 'Provenance' are making it harder for big retailers to ignore the demand for a more transparent supply chain, by offering date and location stamping services, so that you can follow your pair of socks from sheep to store, or your bottle of wine from grape to glass.

Whilst we don't have date stamping technology on our labels, you can be sure we know exactly where everything we sell comes from. So here it goes, our supply chain looks a little something like this!