All Wrapped Up: Eco Friendly Packaging


It might seem a little dull, but there's a lot to be said for getting packaging right. We believe that first and foremost, receiving a garment from us should always feel like opening a gift. We wrap our clothes firstly in crisp white tissue paper, tied with a bow of unbleached cotton and a gift tag. We pop it all inside a Kraft paper bag with a set of care instructions and a winding of spare yarn to finish it all off. It's a small way of making your purchase feel just that little bit more special. 


Tissue paper

So starting from the start, our tissue paper is machine glazed, so its super high quality with that lovely crisp finish. Most importantly though, it's acid free, which means its the safest way to store delicate clothes; particularly wool and silk. Acidic papers can discolour clothes in a relatively short period of time and do real damage if left for a long time. Our jumpers can be stored safely in this paper for years - it helps with moths too!


spare yarn

With all of our garments we include a winding of spare yarn. Whilst most clothes nowadays aren't designed to last forever, ours definitely are. How many jumpers have you had to throw away (or try to patch up badly) because you couldn't match the colour or quality of the yarn. If the moths get to your garment, you snag it, or somehow end up with a little hole, then you'll always have a few metres of yarn that matches perfectly, meaning we'll have the best chance at fixing it invisibly.


care instructions

Our care instructions are a little different to the ones you might find in high street stores. The 'use' phase of a garment's life is responsible for about half of its entire carbon footprint, so by taking proper care of our clothes, we can make a big difference to the planet. We use all natural fibres in our garments, which unlike synthetic fibres, have the ability to breathe. This means that hanging a jumper up in a steamy bathroom, or out in the fresh air for a while, should get rid of any lingering scents. Of course, we aren't suggesting you stop washing your clothes all together, just remember to do it on a gentle, cool cycle.


carrier bags

Whether you're buying in store or online, our carrier bags and wrapping paper are all made from Kraft paper. Kraft paper is usually made from virgin fibre, from maritime pine which is a fast growing tree, used commonly in well managed, renewable forests. The pulp is not bleached, which as well as giving the paper its lovely colour, also ensures the absolute minimum chemicals are released into the environment. After you're done with it, Kraft paper biodegrades naturally within a few weeks. Returning back to the soil and ready to start the cycle again. 


That's it! Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones. Avoiding plastics and chemical dyes, not only makes our products stay perfect, it also helps the planet. Guilt free shopping at it's best!