Indie Retail Month, North Laine

Partly responsible for the name of the shop, Brighton Laines are famed for their independent retailers. The number of retailers is far too massive to fit into one post, so this week features my absolute favourites (I could've gone on much longer!) and next week will be all about the South. After many years living here I still find myself a bit confused about which road I'm on from time to time, but there's a real charm about the narrow cobbled streets and brightly colour facades. 

Snooper's Paradise

A non negotiable on my first-time-in-Brighton tour. Snooper's Paradise is a great way to while away an hour - or an afternoon, depending on how involved you get in your treasure hunt. Cabinets of curiosities are the main draw, with unusual trinkets lining all of the walls. It's my one stop shop for gifts for the people that seem to have everything. If you're after more new fangled things than vintage, then just pop upstairs to Snooper's Attic. Like stepping into a cornucopia of boho, feathers and magical things, the attic is absolutely packed with independent retailers, including The Emperor's Old Clothes, pictured below.

Vine Street Vintage

If my budget would allow me to furnish my house entirely from this shop then I would without hesitation. Vine Street Vintage stock a beautiful and eclectic mixture of antique and vintage furniture. Worth a visit just for a daydream!

The Basketmakers

It wouldn't be one of my countdowns without a pub, this one gets extra points because it's right next to a knitting shop, hold that thought for a second! My favourite bit about the basketmakers are the tin-lined walls. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of old world tins cover the walls and if you open them up, notes from people who've visited the pub can be found. Some are witty, some are wise, some are, understandably, drunken.

As well as their tins, the food and drink here is great! Sunday roasts are a particular favourite and they cater for all number of dietary needs. Below is their charred mackerel and cured onions on toast. Tempted?


Back to the aforementioned knitting shop. YAK is a real treasure trove for the knitter, or weaver, or indeed crocheter. Selling lots of beautiful yarns, steel yourself before entering or be prepared to leave with much lighter pockets and a whole host of luxury art yarns!

YAK yarn and knitting brighton



One more for the foodies! Silo is a restaurant with a pioneering zero waste ethic. Their instagram is certainly worth following for a peek into the ingenious ways that they avoid waste, from potato peelings, to rhubarb leaves, they find a use for everything. 

They've garnered some attention in the past year or so, but it truly is well deserved. The small plates mean you don't have to spend a fortune to get a sample of what the fuss is all about (or equally you could spend a fortune and try every dish on the menu, no prizes for guessing which camp I fall in to!

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IO Gallery

Last but by no means least, is the IO Gallery. I love this place, because it champions Brighton artists, and whilst it has some pricier pieces, there is always plenty that falls well within the affordable bracket. 

The window displays here are always beautiful and feature a really healthy amount of ceramics,which works for me! The jewellery is also notable, often pretty standard jewellery is used to prop up sub-par stock, but that is absolutely not the case here. Artist jewellery is absolutely gorgeous, I treated a relative of mine to a gorgeous amber and silver honeybee brooch a couple of years ago and wish I'd bought one myself!

Image from IO Gallery

Image from IO Gallery