Just a Card, the Independent Retailer Revolution

This week has been Just a Card week, a brilliant initiative that as an independent shop owner really struck a chord with me. The team of volunteers behind this are all part of the creative industries and share my sense of exasperation at people who think nothing of their twenty pound a week chain shop coffee habit, but baulk at the idea of buying a card for anything more than fifty pence.

How #justacard Began

A gallery that had been enjoyed by thousands of visitors was recently forced to close, the owner commented that if everyone who had complimented him on it had bought just a card, then he would never have been in that position. Often we feel silly buying a low ticket item in a high price shop, but we really shouldn't! Cards and trinkets next to the till aren't there to be ignored, they're there to be bought

A lot of the time people don't realise the costs involved with running a shop. Rent, rates, bills, materials right down to carrier bags and swing tags. An independent shop often ends up paying more for a lot of these items because they just don't have the bulk buying power that the big chains do. 

How You Can Help

The good news is it's really easy to do your bit. If you're a designer or maker (as I know lots of you are!) then share the just a card message by using #justacard - and of course support your fellow makers. If you're one of those people with a coffee/croissant/meal deal habit then why not spend the cost of just one morning coffee per week, in an independent shop instead - be it coffee or craft, your money makes a lot more difference in the pocket of someone local than a multinational corporation owner. And of course, those of you that already champion local makers, keep fighting the good fight! We couldn't survive without people like you.

Card Makers Look No Further!

An extra little something for those designers and makers amongst you. So many of the pieces I sell at the shop are destined to be gifts, so I thought it might be nice to have a selection of gorgeous cards. Whilst I dabble with painting and drawing, knitting is definitely my strength! So I'm looking for some artists who'd like their cards sold in the shop. Get in touch here, email info@laine-madeunique.com or any social media @laine.madeunique

I'd love to have a nice little selection in plenty of time for Just a Card Day on the 28th September!